by melaniejgonz

Chevy Commercial

I chose to do a car commercial specifically a Chevy commercial. It is a new commercial of 2012, it was actually a part of the super bowl but was chosen to still air on T.V afterwards. The product of this commercial is the new Chevy Sonic. The target audience is young adventurous Americans who want a car they can do amazing things with, hence the theme of the commercial.  The famous tagline is ‘Chevy runs deep”. The headline “Chevy Sonic Stunt Anthem.”  Visual elements of this commercial include all the amazing stunts done by professionals. There is a big car flip, the car bungee jumps, and the car skydives. They also added a famous celebrity who actually does the car flip, Rob Dyerdick.  The goal of this commercial is really to inspire anyone who is watching to go out and live life, not necessarily do any of the stunts(the video gives a warning before it starts) but to just go out there do amazing things… with the Chevy Sonic of course. The main reason I chose to do this Ad was yeah because of its amazing stunts and message but also the music. The song that plays through out the commercial is really empowering, it is what attracted me to the commercial in the first place. The song matches the message of the video perfectly and to me that is so important. The power of music to inspire us, that is what the song is an example of.